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Written by Max Bostok   
Monday, 16 April 2007
Apple's latest announcements from a special even today in Las Vegas, at the Venetian Hotel. The highlights are a new application Final Cut Server, new codec called Apple ProRes 422, new AJA hardware called IO-HD for real time converstion to ProRes 422 and, of course, a new version of Final Cut Studio, with new releases of Final Cut Pro, Soundtrack Pro, Motion and Compressor and a new application in the Final Cut Studio, Color (based on the Final Touch purchase), which is included.
Final Cut Pro 6

Major new features for Final Cut Pro 6 include:

Open Format Timeline where you can mix resolution, codecs and size in the same timeline;
New Tapeless ingest interface (for DVCPRO HD and XDCAM HD sources);
Self normalizing gain function;
SmoothCamera, technology from Shake for stabilizing camera moves (i.e. a stabilizer that actually works for Final Cut Pro)
Open editable Motion projects directly in Final Cut Pro, without leaving Final Cut Pro (limited editing, for example text within a Motion project, making it the defacto title tool for Final Cut Pro now);
Motion projects play without rendering in the same way they do in Motion;
More FXPlug real-time effects and ProRes 422 support.

Motion 3
Retiming is matched with Behaviors in Motion with a new approach to retiming;Audio behaviors - control animations by audio volume and frequency;Full 3D application environment with lights, camera and 3D particles;
Motion tracking - match-move style.

Soundtrack Pro 2
5.1 surround sound mixing with stereo and 5.1 in the same project and alliged with 3-up video display;Surround sound Plug-ins;Library of over 1000 music tracks and sound effects supplied in 5.1;
A new continuous Conform feature that tracks changes, sync changes, etc in Final cut Pro and updates the Sountrack Pro Project accordingly, with differences highlight that you can accept or over-ride;
Frequency spectrum view in build-in waveform editor (no more need to suffer from Adobe Audition envy) - the demonstration showed removing a mic "thump" without damaging the dialog it occured under (something we might need to use on the Digital Production BuZZ shows!).

Compressor 3
A new interface
Simplified cluser setup now extended to MPEG-2, H.264 and supports Telestream Episode Pro through a plug-in for VC-1, WMV, FLV;Dynamic filters with Timecode overlays, animated motion watermarks;Faster with more support for multiple cores; and
Device presets for just about any devices.

New application for high end color correction, basically the Silicon Color Final Touch version 2, rebranded ast Color and now included in Final Cut Studio 2.Real time color grading;Same UI for 3-way color correction with RGB and Luma curves, gamma, life, gain;
3D color visualization;
Mattre can be derived from chroma, luma, saturation, custom vignettes, hue and saturation curves;
Custom shapes for colorization effects (not just square and round);
Color effects are easily exportable and shared with editors;
Color Effects that can be strung together in a node tree, and
Multiple secondaries.

Final Cut Studio 2 will be available "in May" and pricing remains the same: US$1299 for a full purchase, US$499 for an upgrade from Final Cut Studio 1; or US$699 from any version of Final Cut Pro.
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